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A high-quality projector screen is very important for any home theater setup. More homeowners are using projector screens to create a large immersive viewing experience.

At Home Theater Salt Lake City, we offer a wide range of projector screens from the top brands in the industry. The brands include; Elite Screens, Screen Innovations, and Stewart Filmscreen, among others. We understand that choosing the right projector screen can be overwhelming. Our team will work with you to find the perfect projector screen for your space and budget.

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Projector Screen Aspect Ratio

One important factor for selecting a projector screen is the aspect ratio. Different movies and TV shows have different aspect ratios. You want to choose a screen that matches the aspect ratio of the content you'll be watching. You can also select a projector screen that will work for many aspect ratios. Some of the most common aspect ratios are 16:9, 2.35:1, and 4:3, among others.

Projector Screen Gain

Another crucial factor to consider when selecting a projector screen is the gain. Gain is a measure of the screen's reflective ability. Higher-gain screens reflect more light and can deliver brighter images. The down side is they can also produce hotspots or uneven lighting. Lower gain screens reflect less light but can deliver a more uniform image. Our team can help you determine the optimal gain for your specific setup.

Projector Screen Material

We also offer a range of screen materials, including matte white, high-contrast gray, and ambient light-rejecting (ALR) screens. Matte white screens are the most common and are ideal for dedicated home theater setups. High-contrast gray screens can deliver deeper blacks and richer colors. ALR screens are designed to reject ambient light and are perfect for spaces with a lot of natural light.

Different colors and types of screen material.
A view of a projector screen on the wall.

Projector Screen Size

You'll need to choose the right size screen for your space. You'll need to take into account the distance from the projector and the viewing angle. We offer screens in a variety of sizes, from small screens for intimate viewing rooms to massive screens for larger home theater setups.

At Home Theater Salt Lake City, we provide our clients with the highest quality projector screens. We understand that every home theater setup is unique. We'll help you pick the right projector screen for your space.

A high-quality projector screen is essential for creating an immersive home theater experience. Our team at Home Theaters Salt Lake City has the expertise and experience to help you find the perfect screen for your space and budget.

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